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Join Us at the Bright Neighbor May 1st Revolution Party!

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Modern Sustainable Apartments

Bright Neighbor is embarking on a tour through all 95 Portland Neighborhoods to train our community in creative ways to use technology and real-world community cooperation to help deal with our economic, ecological, and energy challenges. Each stop will be a chance for Bright Neighbor members to meet with one another to solidify local relationships that matter more and more as we all strive to live as local as possible.

At this Bright Neighbor meetup, we’ll be randomly drawing the first neighborhoods we’ll be rolling through for the tour. This is a community matching / networking event with music, food, and fun! You can meet others either offering up projects that need volunteers, as well as discover new opportunities and groups (others with similar interests as yourself). Guest speakers include:

Cyd Manro – EcoMunity will be showing off their talking robot that gives gardening advice
Tom Thomson – He will be teaching neighbors how to start their own physical tool library
Randy White – Will be assigning Neighborhood Ambassador roles to members who want to take an active role in their neighborhood

Come to network with other Portlanders making social change happen, bring extra garden seeds for swapping, and partake in door prizes (giving away a mountain bike)!

We will have a variety of guest speakers on hand from art, biking, gardening, business, alternative economy and other communities to celebrate the many ways we are all moving the community revolution forward.

Want to help? We are seeking volunteers to help organize additional tour stops in each neighborhood.

See you at the celebration!

CYAN/pdx Bright Neighbor

CYAN/pdx Bright Neighbor launch

Added by Randy on Feb 2, 2009


Fri, May 1, 2009
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm



  • 1720 SW 4th
  • Portland
  • OR